Asta Lander 

I am a Scottish born Australian artist and illustrator - equally enthusiastic about animals as I am art.  The art on this site is a sample of my work. Please click on front images for more in each category. You can see other work, including my most recent,  at instagram - @asta_lander, where I post regularly. I would love to interact with you there. 

My illustrations have been published in Spirituality and Health Magazine and a book on motherhood - 'More Precious Than Pearls', by Anne Hamilton & Natalie Tensen.  

My art has been commissioned for an Obstetrician's offices, for engagement, wedding and birthday presents and in memorial for those who have lost their beloved pets. 


2018 Creative Connections - artists with and without a disablity were partnered and teamed with a poet. In collaboration with Nuslen Haven and Victoria Park Centre for the Arts. 

2018 Hybrid Animals - Olivia Colja. I was guest artist. 

2017 100 Famous Humans and their Animal Connections, Victoria Park Central.  Artist in Residence (Solo)

2016 Monkeying Around - raising awareness and funds for Humane Research Australia's Ban Primate Experiments Campaign. (Solo) Collaborated with local schools where children created art in response to mine. 

I have worked as an Art Specialist in a District High School and taught workshops in libraries, schools, galleries, drug rehabilitation and in a public hospital.  

If I were one of my anthropomorphic paintings I would  be crossed with a greyhound. I live with these gentle souls - rescued from the racing industry. They represent forgiveness and inner peace to me because they still seek human company and sleep all day. 





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